Monday, December 14, 2015

Cabarrus County Manager, Mike Downs, Receives the Cabarrus Community Champion Award for 2015

Cabarrus Partnership for Children has chosen to do something we have never done before – honor an individual with a special award… The Cabarrus Community Champion Award.

We want to honor an individual whose support and due diligence on our behalf have strengthened the Partnership and have had a huge impact within the community we serve.

(Left) Cabarrus County Manager, Mike Downs; (Middle) Board Chair, Robbie Furr; (Right) Cabarrus County Commissioner, Steve Morris.

This award is being given to Michael K. Downs – the Cabarrus County Manager. Mike has been employed by Cabarrus County for over 29 years and has held many titles during his tenure. He was appointed County Manager in November of 2011.  At that time, the County’s relationships in the community and with other jurisdictions were very strained. The County Commissioners entrusted Mike to rebuild these relationships and he has done so very successfully.

Mike is a true friend and supporter of the Cabarrus County Partnership for Children and that is the reason for this honor today. Mike’s most recent support involved the relocation of the Cabarrus Partnership in the same facility with Department of Human Services, which has lead to a closer working relationship with all of the Human Services departments.

Mike was also instrumental in the provision of IT services to link the Partnership with county IT services - which is not only cost saving to the Partnership but will be beneficial to the One Portal access for all child care services in 2016.

The County Board of Commissioners approved providing the space at no cost to the Partnership upon his recommendation, which has lead to many new family programs in Cabarrus County. We have been able to expand our Circle of Parents Program with teen mothers. We are also starting a new Circle of Parents with women in the county jail, as well as a new program for families suffering with the addiction of drugs and alcohol. We were able to begin our Reach Out and Read Program earlier than projected.

We continue to explore new opportunities with the savings the Partnership has realized from Mike’s help, which has resulted in several program expansions and new family programs, so it is with great honor that the Cabarrus Partnership for Children awards Michael K. Downs with the 2015 Cabarrus Community Champion Award.

As presented by Cabarrus County Commissioner and Board Member, Steve Morris, at the 2015 Annual Luncheon.

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